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  • Kind, Caring, & Very Accomodating
    Dr. Weimer and his staff are kind caring and very accommodating! I was always afraid to go to the dentist but not anymore! they always make sure to make me feel comfortable and very relaxed, they are never in a hurry and he always takes the time to chat and ask how I’m doing. I live in Nampa and even though it’s a bit of a drive it’s well worth it!

    - Sondra

  • Gentle & Efficient

    Dr. Weimar & his staff were wonderful! I broke a molar, with an old amalgam filling & it needed a crown. The staff got me in quickly. Dr. Weimar prepped me for the permanent crown & they fitted a temporary in one visit. He was gentle & efficient, keeping me informed on every detail as he went through the process. I had almost no discomfort. I am switching to Dr. Weimar to be my regular dentist. The office follows strict masking rules & they have you wait in your car until they are ready to see you. Dr. Weimar thoroughly reviewed my medical history with me. He is the first dentist that has ever done that!

    - Laurynda

  • An Artist & A Skilled Expert
    Amazing team! It was so great for me to find a team that could do all of my necessary work, instead of referring me to 3 other specialists. Dr. Weimer is both an artist and a skilled expert. When my extractions had complications Dr. Weimer immediately did the repairs to my skull. What he did in a half-hour would have taken weeks of scheduling with other dentists! I was so happy when I price-shopped between 5 dentists to find affordable care since I have no insurance. Even better, the care I received was top-notch, with great communication, scheduling, payment plans, covid-19 protocols, jokes, and making sure my discomfort was minimal. Dr. Weimer kept following up with me repeatedly to make sure my healing progressed correctly, and reviewed pics I took of my surgery promptly. His office modified the timeline we established for care based on my rate of healing. I couldn't possibly ask for more from such a great team.

    - Rorshach

  • Takes Great Care of Me & My Family

    Routine cleaning was so pleasant! I have sensitive gums, and the sweet hygienists always use warm water so I am not cringing. The staff is awesome! They have a long-time tradition of being cheerful and warm to all who come! Dr. Wiemer is so personable. He doesn't perform any unnecessary procedures. Takes great care of me and my family!

    - Rebecca

  • Treat You Like Family

    I love this place! Dr. Weimer and all his staff treat you like family. I was nervous when Dr. Cutler retired but Dr. Weimer immediately put me at ease. The entire staff ensures your comfort and they are conservative in their approach to care. I highly recommend this dental practice!

    - Karla

  • Great First-Time Experience

    Had a great first-time experience with Dr. Weimer and the staff! Was a very easy and comfortable appointment and atmosphere! Even had a few laughs! If you can laugh at the dentist, that’s the place to be! So glad my friend recommended this place. Dr. Weimer seems very knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner.

    - Kristi

  • My Teeth Feel Great!
    By far the best dental care I have ever received. Dr. Weimer is very professional and does great work, he relates very well with his patients. I felt very welcomed by the staff and Jasmine (dental hygienists) who ended up making my teeth nice and shiny. My teeth feel great I recommend this place for anyone who needs dental work or just a routine cleaning.

    - Curtis

  • Wonderful
    I have been going to the office for many years. Dr. Cutler retired and met Dr. Weimer for the first time last week. The staff has always been wonderful and make you very comfortable and they make you feel good being there. I haven't had anything done but have my teeth cleaned but he was very nice and straightforward when I asked questions. The staff really like him so that in itself says a lot. I have a crown that needs replacing and I'll let you know how that goes.

    - Kathleen

  • Best Office I Have Been To
    Boise River Dental is amazing! I have had my fair share of dentist visits with many different dentists and hygienists over the years. And this is by far one of the best offices I have been to. From the experience of the front desk greeting you and making you feel welcome, the warm blankets they offer to make you comfortable, the friendly faces that greet you as you walk past, and of course the great work each of the members performs. They are definitely worth more them 5 stars in my book. Jasmine is my hygienist who always remembers our last visits and has great conversations to make the time just fly by. Dr. Weimer as the Dentist has such a wonderful And warm personality that makes you feel like you have been friends with him for years even if it’s your first time meeting. He’s gentle and efficient and the dynamic between him and his staff is enjoyable to watch. Majka and Peri the assistants that help him are some of the most wonderful and caring ladies I have ever met. I actually look forward to going into the office to be able to feel like I’m a part of what they all share together. Thank you to the staff at Boise River Dental for always doing your absolute best and thank you for the great experience you have given to me over the year I’ve been seeing you.

    - Haylee

  • Extremely Professional
    I have seen Dr. Cutler nearly my whole life with no complaints, so I was naturally skeptical when I found out a new dentist was taking over the practice. However, I just had my first appointment with Dr. Weimer, and he was extremely professional, kind, personable, intelligent, and thorough. I have no doubt that he will go above and beyond for his patients and fill his new role exceptionally. In addition, the hygienists and administrative staff are just as respectful and lovely at their jobs as always!

    - Mackenzie

  • I Could Not Be Happier!
    I am a new patient and I could not be happier! I have never been a fan of going to the dentist, but Dr. Weimer and the awesome staff have made my visits very enjoyable. They are honest, transparent, great listeners, over communicators to ensure you understand and most importantly do whatever is needed to make sure you are 100% comfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend it. (Side note, my wife decided to drive me to my appointment. She decided to work on her laptop to pass the time. The staff offered her a desk so she could work and even a blanket in case she was cold. It’s the little things! Thank you!)

    - Ryan

  • He Explained it All
    I went in thinking I needed a root canal which I didn’t want and the dentist was actually able to save my tooth with a filling! He showed me everything and explained it all which is really important to me. Super helpful and friendly and the only reason I cried in the chair was from laughing at his goofy jokes! Definitely a good experience!

    - Jenny