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Obtaining a professional teeth whitening is the most effective, simplest, and swiftest approach to treating years of staining and discoloration. At Boise River Dental, our cosmetic dental team can help you dramatically whiten and brighten your teeth using our take home trays. Call our office in Boise to schedule your consultation and transform your smile with as little tooth sensitivity effects as possible.

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Experience a Dazzling White Smile in Boise

Although convenience stores and drugstores offer a vast variety of over-the-counter teeth bleaching products, results take multiple applications and a long time, and the results are minimal at best. In addition to using products with a higher hydrogen peroxide concentration than over-the-counter items, our office provides professional guidance, gum protection, and results that drugstore products can only dream of achieving. Our personalized teeth whitening treatments in Boise are sure to leave you with a noticeably whiter smile that can enhance your self-esteem and letting you show them with pride.

Understanding the Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Several reasons can cause your teeth to discolor, darken, or stain. Reasons can range from poor dental hygiene to lifestyle choices and factors, to the inescapable aging process. Thanks to teeth whitening, your tooth discoloration can be reversed, and the whiteness and brightness of your teeth restored back to their prime.

Some lifestyle habits and underlying factors that can cause your teeth to stain include:

  • Consuming pigmented drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and wine.
  • Eating certain foods like dark-pigmented berries and fruits, chocolate, sugary foods, and starchy foods such as pasta and potatoes.
  • Tobacco consumption, both chewing and smoking.
  • Poor oral hygiene resulting in plaque accumulation and tooth staining.
  • Enamel wear, either due to aging or rare diseases hindering the proper development of enamel and dentin layers.
  • Certain medications and medical treatments that leave your teeth discolored.
  • Excessive fluoride that may result in white spots.
  • Dental materials and devices containing silver sulfide that may result in darkening the surrounding tooth surface.

Contact us online or call (208) 400-5203 to get the pearly, luminous smile you have always desired with our Boise teeth whitening services.

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  • “Dr. Weimer and his staff are kind, caring, and very accommodating! I was always afraid to go to the dentist but not anymore! They always make sure to make me feel comfortable and very relaxed.”

    - Sondra
  • “Dr. Weimar prepped me for the permanent crown & they fitted a temporary in one visit. He was gentle & efficient, keeping me informed on every detail as he went through the process. I had almost no discomfort.”

    - Laurynda
  • “Dr. Weimer is both an artist and a skilled expert. When my extractions had complications Dr. Weimer immediately did the repairs to my skull. What he did in a half-hour would have taken weeks of scheduling with other dentists!”

    - Rorshach

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